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Monday, June 16, 2014

Journey 5: RVA and NYC

Merry meet friends!

Michelle here bringing lots of love and light

 Each day I am learning even more that Spirit, Creator, The Universe, Source, God, Goddess and All That Is or whatever name you use is guiding us, directing our path and leading us into all good and the becoming of who we are.  We make our plans and set about bringing them to fruition; sometimes they happen and sometimes they don’t.

When I was staying at Earthaven I decided that when I left I would stay in Asheville for the month of June.  I didn’t check with Spirit on that decision.  I felt that until I heard which direction to travel that I was free to go where I wanted.  I felt that the Universe supported me in that decision because I was supposed to stay with Hannah’s mom rent free as a work exchanger for the month of June.  When that fell through, I still wanted to stay in Asheville because I love it.  It is so very progressive and I feel at home there.  Again, I didn’t check with Spirit as to where to go after The Herbal Immersion.  Asheville is 30 minutes away from Marshall, so I thought, why not? 

When I came to Richmond before the Immersion, I didn’t have time to do all that I needed to do for the car.  It needed to be registered by the end of June and inspected by the end of July.  Because of that, I felt there was no rush as long as I did it by that time.  So I went ahead with my plans to stay in Asheville.  Well the last post let you know how that turned out!  Apparently I am not supposed to be in Asheville at this time or I would be there. 

Everything happens in the time frame of Spirit.  Had I stayed in NC, I would not have been in Richmond to help my friend Octavia celebrate her birthday; she has always helped me celebrate mine.  I met with my friend Linda by chance who took me to a mechanic about the mirror.  Had I not received a price from him that I didn’t want to pay, I would not have had prices to compare.  I would not have been around another mechanic who knows why the car is losing water and is able to repair it. 

When I realized I wouldn’t be in NC, I decided well, I’ll go to New Mexico sooner than I’d planned.  I did check with Spirit to know NM was where I was headed but I didn’t check the when.  I’ve been driving my youngest son Jason’s, car for the last 5 years.  He lives in NY and parking is horrible and garaging it is costly.  I needed a car so he loaned me his.  I found out on Tuesday that Jason is in the process of moving to Richmond at the end of June for a couple of months while he is on leave from his job.  He will need his car.

 I wanted to leave for NM as soon as the water situation was handled which will be later this week.  Following my plan, had I not called Jason to see if he needed the car, I would have been on the way west when the car needs to be here.  So now I will be traveling by Greyhound since I have a destination.  The funny thing is that I had just been asked by my friend Millie on Monday, what I would do if I didn’t have the car.  We were discussing the water situation. This was before I knew the mechanic had a take on it.  I told her my journey would continue by bus.  I thought about the bus before I started the journey but not knowing where I would be going would make buying a ticket difficult.  In retrospect though, I could have looked at the destinations at the bus terminal and inquired of Spirit, “where to?”  

So now being in Richmond makes sense because I have to pare down my belongings to a suitcase and backpack.  I have discovered that we never need as much as we think we do.  My friend Cher travels a lot and told me once how she had learned to take the essentials and plenty of scarves.  Good advice, but I’d like to work in NM, so for me, that means jewelry and shoes.  What can I say, I love them both.  Help Cher, please!  Even in a car traveling from place to place one can accumulate MORE.  Gypsies traveled with all of their belongings though, in a covered wagon, no less.  I guess I’m really a gypsy, not only at heart but in all.

My cousin Debbie told me about a site called “Getaway Dealz”.  It has certain places like resorts, around the country where one can stay for 4 nights and 3 days or vice versa for as little as $59.  I looked it up and found three different places in TN.  All of them are about 3 hours from Nashville.  On the way west I want to stop in Lexington, KY to see my friend Whitney and go to TN from there.  I can’t beat the prices and would get to stay in a resort like place.  I’d have to listen to an hour and a half presentation on time sharing but who cares?  Now if you’re paying attention, you should have noticed that I said “I” want to visit KY and TN.  Had Spirit been consulted? Noooo, but it’s on the way to NM and so I felt it was ok.  Sigh.  Never fear Spirit has been consulted finally!

I have an oncologist appointment, a 6 month mammogram checkup and a physical all in the last week of June.  I was going to ignore them since I wouldn’t be here but now I don’t know.  I am however ignoring the mammogram.  I have no desire to have more radiation in my body.  If they wish, the doctor can give me a thermogram {?}, I believe it’s called.  At any rate no more mammograms for me!’

On Friday the 13th, I traveled to NY to see my stepson, his friend and my grandchildren, along with my son Jason, of course.  On Friday evening we had dinner and decided to walk to Fairway, a health food store.  We felt raindrops and Jason said we should head back to the apartment.  I felt that we could be done before the rain hit hard.  Jason was looking at the weather on the phone and said it was going to start at 6 and continue until morning.  I kept saying, oh it will be fine; it will lighten up by the time we are ready to leave.  So we continued on and I was in heaven with the store! I strolled along looking at everything.  When we got to the front door after checkout, there was a monsoon.  Jason said I told you so. 

We stood at the door with everyone else waiting.  Finally Jason said he would walk to get an umbrella from the man on the corner.  He felt he wouldn’t be able to get a taxi; it was Friday, after 6 and raining.  He took so long that I went to see what the problem was.  Jason was hailing a taxi!  He felt that by the time he walked to two corners he would be soaked, as if that wasn’t happening hailing the taxi!  He finally succeeded and we got there in one piece but extremely wet.  I told Jay to take a hot shower and change.  It’s what moms do.

Saturday I went to see my friend Iliana in Brooklyn.  It was a nice visit.  I have missed seeing my seminary friends.  Sad I didn’t get to see Rev. Sonya Brown and others.  That evening one of the grandchildren became ill and went to the emergency room.  We went to be with her for a while.  Afterwards we had dinner at a Peruvian Restaurant.  The chicken was delicious!  I sat up and watched a movie, then went to bed.

On Sunday I went to Jason’s church.  They speak so highly of him there, it makes a mom proud.  He led the prayer before the sermon and the boy can pray (not the first time I’ve heard him).  Later we went back to the hospital to see the grandchild.  She was much better.  I had planned to go to Zoe’s Restaurant in SoHo, my friend Cher’s daughter’s restaurant.  My granddaughter felt better and wanted to sight see since her sister and brother were out shopping.  We toured Manhattan, Fifth Avenue, museums, and Ground Zero.  It was a full day and after 8pm when we finished.  By this time we were all hungry and the game was on, so we went to eat and watch the game.  It was another full, exhausting day but a good day. 

Hopefully my car will be ready and I can hit the road once again.  Westward bound!

Until next Sunday, not Monday (lol)

Merry part and merry meet again…..

Gypsi Mama Michelle




  1. Hey Michelle! Lexi here from the herbal immersion. I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures so far. If your adventures west for some reason bring you to Wyoming you will always have a place to stay at my home. I live in a beautiful mountain town called Lander.
    Love and Light to you.
    And safe travels.
    Blessed be

    1. Hi Lexi. So good to "read" from you. I'm glad that you have enjoyed reading about my adventures as much as I enjoy having them. Thank you for the invitation to stay in your home if I'm in Wyoming. I'd love to see it but need to check with Spirit. Hopefully the answer will be yes. Blessed be!

  2. Lol. You are def a Gypsy at heart. See ya next "Sunday". Or I guess I should say, I'll read ya next Sunday.



    1. Yes Brandon, I am and proud of it! Thanks so much for reading and letting me know what you think by commenting. I appreciate it very much. Namaste!

    2. As they say "Fasho". Lol.

      Good that you got to get to NY to see your son. That has to feel good. You are ON THE MOVE.

      Your journey makes me think of the PONY EXPRESS. Since your goal is to head to the west coast. You're making no excuses your'e facing it, and doing it. Whatever energy that you are to deliver (to yourself or another) you are following the route and making it happen.

      I tell my mom about your adventures. I showed her pics of EarthHaven, as she likes to garden, and wants to get better. She said it reminded her if where she grew up. In the parts of Mississippi where power was a luxury. This was the sixties. So there was no solar power. ;-). But they did grow there own food and unfortunately the pigs and chickens lived out back. -- You know what that meant. :-/.

      But your journey inspired me to push her to truly get out and see the world. And go where the spirit lies. Don't think she's gonna do a community. But I'm hoping for Kenya or some sort of natural life expedition. (We will see).

      Anywho, if you head west. Try to see if Sedona, Arizona fits in your plane. Pray least take a peak at it on the net.

      Lots of positive energy there. I visit there annually. And it's such a deep and soulful place. The vortexes are physical. And when you leave, you feel it.

      I didn't believe in it initially, as I am a man of GOD. But when I went, I looked around and realized that GOD made this. And I'm telling ya..... The energy is there. And the people are also.

      There are laws which limit development there, and the sky is crystal clear. Stars and a Rainbows stick out like street lights.

      Until next time....
      Spread the Joy

    3. Wow! I enjoyed reading what you wrote. Give your mom time to spread her wings. This didn't happen for me overnight, although once we decide to do something, it is like overnight. I had to allow all that happened to me to be the catalyst to get me started.
      I will look into Sedona; anyplace with good energy is where I want to be. I'm trying to get a tablet so I don't have to lug this 17" laptop around and I can actually post on Sundays. We will see.
      Thank you for reading and sharing
      Blessed be

  3. Yeah, she's slowly popping her journey wings back out (I'm sure you will say that we never lose them).

    So here's a cool Sedona Fact. For whenever you visit.

    There's an awesome creation called the Chapel of The Holy Cross. It's not only a church, but it's built on the edge of a mountain. Literally...

    And it was built by a woman.

    It sits on a vortex and you can feel the energy when you walk up. And yes, people can go inside. Get on there knees, light a candle, and share some words with the spirit and the most high.

    When you go. You will meet people from numerous cultures. Asian, Caucasian, Indian, Native, and you may bump into an African American. Lol. I didn't see one during my whole trip there. But that'll changed once the word gets spread.

    The energy is awesome. People walk up to you. The conversation isn't even religious. It's a laid back sense of joy spreading. A tip on what else is there to see. What helicopter or keep tour is good. Or just a good hiking spot.

    All if this while you are high up... Only to look down, and see this Mansion for sale at about $16 Million. - it may be sold by then.
    I don't wanna spoil the fun, so I'll end it on that note. Imma writer so I can get long winded (legit excuse sometimes)
    Here is a few photos of the Church.

    You're not behind in the Tablet either, I just realized I need to grab one myself.

    Til next time... Namaste and Safe Journeys


    1. It's amazing that you already know me.. Yes I would say we never lose them (LOL) and you know this as well because you said she's popping them BACK OUT! Never lost only hidden. Thanks for the info. I will definitely make Sedona a priority. I love spiritual energy.
      Blessed be