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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Journey 5: Week 4 RichmondVA ( NY, Victoria and Petersburg, VA)

Merry Meet Friends!
Michelle here, bringing lots of love and light

"To be an artist it is not necessary to make a living from our creations. Nor is it necessary to have work hanging in fine museums or the praise of critics. It is not necessary that we are published or that famous people own our work. To be an artist it is necessary to live with our eyes wide open, to breathe in the colors of mountain and sky, to know the sound of leaves rustling, the smell of snow, the texture of bark. It is necessary to rub our hands all over life, to sing when and where we want, to take in every detail, and to jump when we get to the edge of the cliff. To be an artist is to notice every beautiful and tragic thing, to cry freely, to collect experience and shape it into forms that others can share."...........Jan Phillips, "Marry Your Muse".....courtesy of OSIS

"To collect experience and shape it into forms that others can share".....this is how I choose to live my life; to live, breathe, know, hear, smell, feel, sing, observe, risk, notice and cry the full extent of life, in order to experience it and share.  I feel it's how most people, if not all, wish to live as well.  We are born  with an innate sense of curiosity and somewhere along the way we seem to lose it.  Have you ever noticed the wonder and amazement in the eyes of children as they happen upon something new?  If only we would capture that sense again, that newness of life again.  Who would we be, what would we do? It is my purpose to find out as I journey.
I am completing my journey here in Richmond and releasing things that no longer serve me.  This, too is a part of my journey, which I was reluctant to acknowledge but none the less, it is a necessary part.  In another week I expect to start traveling again.  As I've stated before, I no longer have the use of the car so until one manifests, it will be the Greyhound bus.  There are pros and cons to this mode of travel.  The "pro" is that I can relax and leave the driving to them (their slogan at one time), no bathroom stops and I can carry my food and sleep as well.  The "con" is that I won't have the freedom a car provides and I can travel more places with a full tank than I can with the price of a ticket.  BUT, I am sure Spirit will send me to the exact place that I need to be so traveling freely will just take another form.

On Sunday and Monday of last week, I was still in NY helping my younger son with the finishing touches of his move.  It was not as intimidating as he thought it would be and he was very grateful for my help.  I spent some time with my grandson, my oldest son's child.  He was so sad to see his uncle leave but Jason assured him he would return shortly.  I love the energy of NY and always have but it will probably not be on my agenda any time soon.  I spent this past week hanging out with friends. It was a very full four day weekend; movies, birthday party, cook out and a wine festival were the activities.  The time was divided between Richmond, Victoria and Petersburg, VA., where I spent two nights.  I was happy to spend the time with them because I'm not sure when I may return. 

I am anxious to resume natural, sustainable living.  I've spoken with some of my friends at Earthaven and I'm seriously contemplating returning for awhile.  Being off the grid isn't as bad as one might think and I miss it.  I've been invited to spend some time with some of the women from the Immersion and I'm looking forward to that as well.  One of them, Amanda, is going to teach me about bees.  I think that's exciting!  I know we will probably make some infusions, tinctures and salves and possibly soap too.  I can't wait to blog about that experience.  There are two other women I will visit while there, Dana and Mary.  Dana makes her own soaps, deodorant and toothpaste.  There's a wealth of hands on experiences awaiting me.  I plan to explore other sustainable communities across the country as I'm directed by Spirit. 

I know my journey is not over because I don't feel the need to put down roots just yet.  As much as I love interior decorating, I don't have any desire to do that.  I would love to have a camper van though and make that my own.  The gypsy blood is flowing strongly through me and I must be on the move, SOON!   So week after next is when I plan to "hit the road, Jack, er Michelle".  However, as I have learned, when we listen to and for Spirit and try to follow what we hear/intuit, our plans are sometimes null and void.  I guess because they are ours.  Anyway, I await with bated breath the collection of experiences that I can shape into forms that others can share.

Until next Sunday.....
Merry part and merry meet again,
Gypsi Mama Michelle

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