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Monday, September 15, 2014

Greensboro/Charlotte, NC

Merry meet friends,
Michelle here, bringing lots of love and light!

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.".....Augustine of Hippo

I am reading pages but I seem to be stuck in the same chapter. The name of this chapter appears to be VA, NC, and NY.  I thought that I would be in other states and/or on other coasts but alas, Spirit knows better than I.  So for now, I will enjoy wherever I find myself.  This weekend I found myself in NC again.

On Saturday morning, as I came downstairs, the aromas of breakfast assailed my senses.  Laurie, whom I've mentioned before, had prepared scrambled eggs with mushrooms and peppers, fried potatoes, French toast sticks, bacon and (knowing that I don't eat red meat or pork), baked salmon and a fruit salad.  She also had coffee, tea and assorted juices.  In addition, because we were attending a wine tasting festival in Colfax and later a music fest in Charlotte, she prepared dinners for 8 people.  Dinner consisted of BBQ ribs, chicken, greens, yams, roasted vegetables, deviled eggs, ambrosia and coconut pie.  Yum!  She is so thoughtful and we were so grateful.

There were to have been several thunderstorms on Saturday in Greensboro and Charlotte.  Both of the events were outside and would be held rain or shine. We, of course, didn't want that! We carried rain gear just in case.  It was a beautiful day, warm and a little overcast.  We arrived at the wine tasting festival and received our wrist bands which were green if one was over 21.  Of course I had to convince the usher that I was over 21. (a little humor).  Once inside the gate, names were checked and wine glasses were given.  I didn't purchase a groupon for the event because they were sold out by the time that I decided to go. 

The only way that I could attend at a decent price was to buy an eventbrite ticket for a designated driver.  That meant that my wrist band was a different color and I didn't receive a wine glass.  The young lady tore off my green band and replaced it with red.  I actually could have continued in with the green band because the eventbrite tickets were located in another tent but that would have been disingenuous. I resigned myself to my fate of not being able to drink, (will wonders ever cease?) and continued to the music area.

We set up our chairs and the others immediately went to sample the various wines.  I sat and enjoyed the music.  It became increasingly warm and the sun was beaming.  My friends seemed to be concerned that I wasn't drinking but I honestly didn't mind not doing so.  One of them purchased a bottle of wine in order for me not to feel left out of the festivities.  I used another friend's glass because she doesn't like wine.  I drank a half glass and then after seeing the gyros my friends were eating, decided to get one as well. I had another half glass of wine, although Penny doesn't understand the word, "stop", so it might have been slightly more. LOL

We wanted to leave Colfax no later than 4 in order to get to Charlotte by 5:30 to freshen up for the 7pm concert.  It was getting close to 4pm and I began to feel ill.  I had to get out of the sun and so I started walking to the car.  I had no key, mind you, so I would still be in the sun.  I stopped beside a tree offering shade until the rest of the gang came along.  On the way to the hotel, my stomach did somersaults.  We had to pull over at a service station.  Thank God/Goddess/ and All That Is!  It would not have been pretty in the hotel.  I think I was ill because I had not had any water and it was extremely warm.  I don't like using public bathrooms but living in Earthaven with an outhouse and 12 people using it, taught me that when you have to go, you have to go!

We arrived at the hotel in Charlotte. The air had not been turned on in the room and so we had to wait for it to cool.  In the mean time we took showers and relaxed a bit.  Octavia spotted a bug in the bathroom and killed it.  We later saw another and determined it was a roach.  LAWD!  I felt as if I wanted to have the hotel fumigate the room and put up a sign like my grandfather did once for rats.  The sign read, "Don't come in here ere you is a rat!"  I was "in it" again.  Finally we were all prettied up and ready to depart for the Bounce TV Music Fest.

We had to park in the parking lot across the street from the venue which was a long walk on gravel.  We heard someone singing but didn't know who it was.  We were all sitting in different places because if tickets weren't purchased together, seats weren't together.  I was on the lawn and so I left my friends to find their seats.  I had a feeling that I should have gone with them because I felt there would be empty seats.  I sat in the center facing the stage and within minutes Ms. Patti LaBelle came out.  She looks amazing!  She is 70 and still wearing 6" stilettos.  I couldn't do that at 20!  I enjoyed her show.  She said she wanted ribs and asked where could she find some, because her favorite place there was closed.  She was serious but people were wasting her time and ours with, I'll cook them for you, etc.  She ended her segment in traditional Patti style by kicking off her shoes.

Frankie Beverly and Maze were the headliners.  I had never seen them or Patti before so that was exciting.  Frankie looks great as well.  He is 67.  His voice is not the same but people young and old seem to know his music even though he has not recorded in awhile.  He said, " You're shouting, go Frankie, go Frankie.  If I go I might fallout up here, I'm 67."    I was told by my friends before Frankie came out that there were seats down front but it was dark and I felt comfortable so I stayed where I was.  Frankie was perhaps on his 4th song when I felt a rain drop.  I took out my poncho just in case. After a few more drops, I put it on and folded my chair.  I went to the bathroom and when I came out, it was pouring.  I texted that I was going to the car.

As I walked to the parking lot I realized that I didn't necessarily remember where we parked nor did I know the license plate.  It was a rental and I knew it had out of town plates but I couldn't remember what state.  "In it", again!  I looked at all of the white cars in the general vicinity of where I thought we were.  I saw a car with Illinois plates and thought that was it but I wasn't sure.  I looked in the window to see if I saw the can of cashews I left but I didn't.  Eventually, I heard and saw Octavia and Penny.  Penny thought the car was in one spot and went to the left.  Octavia mentioned the license plate and I told her that I had seen that.  We found it and waited for Avis.  Avis arrived at the entrance and we drove to her as opposed to having her find us.  Laurie and her crew remained.  We drove back to the hotel and ate the delicious meals that Laurie prepared. 

The next morning we went to the Cajun Queen because we had Groupons for that.  Brunch was delicious and only cost us $5 because of the discount.  For you foodies:  four people had the omelet with Andouille sausage and peppers, home fries and fruit, one had shrimp and grits, and the remainder had crab cakes eggs benedict with fruit.  Two of us had home fries and Octavia had grits.  The place has a New Orleans flavor and is worth visiting if in Charlotte.  We said our goodbyes to those traveling to Greensboro and we went on our way.  We dropped Avis off at an exit and her son picked her up to head back to Greensboro. 

It was a good weekend even though I felt ill at one point.  Probably because I was wearing a red wrist band and should not have had wine.  I wasn't the driver by the way, so no worries there.  In three weeks I have to decide between the Southeast Women's conference in Black Mountain, NC or my friend Iliana's 65th birthday celebration in NY.  I desperately wish to see my friends from the Immersion again but I also want to celebrate with my dear friend, fellow OSIS graduate and spiritual coach, Iliana.  Decisions, decisions!  Conference is every year but I'd like to keep the connection alive.  It would be a mini reunion. Iliana will only turn 65 once and I'd get to see other friends as well.  Spirit, HELP!  What to do will unfold when I need to know.

Until next Sunday...
Merry part and merry meet again..,
Blessed be,
Gypsi Mama Michelle

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  1. “Of course I had to convince the usher that I was over 21… But of course. We are really in our hundreds but we age so well that people can’t tell. Why don’t you see if you can find out where to college kids get their fake IDs from so you can avoid that hassle in the future. I have one and I always have to show it (HA, HA, HA).

    We used to go to see Frankie EVERYTIME he came to Richmond. The last time I saw him, I stood up the entire time - Roy asked why did we buy 2 tickets :-) I heard that since his cancer, Frankie let’s the audience do a great deal of his singing by pointing the microphone towards them - a lot!

    We all should be so lucky to have to make such exciting decisions. Have a good time whatever you decide.