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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Richmond, VA

Merry meet Friends,
Michelle here, bringing lots of love and light!

"What does it mean to have a gift?  For the lamp, the light it was shaped to carry is its gift.  Without a light, a lamp has no purpose. For a person, we are shaped by experience to reveal the light we carry.  For a person, how that light comes through us is our gift. Our call in the midst of our days discover the light that fills the lamp of the life we are given. Once discovered, our work is to never let the light of our gift go out."  ~ Mark Nepo, The Endless Practice

I wasn't going to write a post today because I was not sure what inward journey was taking place in me.  Something is calling me to go deeper; to experience life more fully than I've been doing.  I'm not sure exactly how I want or need to pursue that.  I'n not sure if I've "discovered the light that fills the lamp of the life I am given." Even though in the last six months, I have created a FB page: Wild Women Gypsies and started Michelle's W.E.B. (Women's Empowerment Brunch) Affirmation Circle, I feel as if there is something else calling me.  The full moon is in Scorpio now and that in itself would explain a few things, if not all things.  
             Scorpio pulls us in to the mysterious depths, with its            
             treacherous and profound shadows.  The dark has 
             power, and that makes it daunting, but also a promising
             landscape---for deep change and renewal.
             The Scorpio Moon peaks at 13 degrees, and is in an 
             enthralling trine to Neptune (in Pisces).  This can be a
             time of spellbinding experiences, so be wise about the 
             atmospheres you move through.

             The sun (Taurus) is shining in opposition, vitalizing
             what has promise, and in sync with the laws of natural
             unfolding.  Jupiter comes in at an angle, the proud sign
             of Leo, bringing more fixed energies.  Watch out for
             drama, especially if it's carrying the energy of being a 
             done deal (fixed).

             The spirit of big dramatic endings and beginnings is
             afoot.  And a peak for cracking open hidden potentials,
             gifts ~ the power to create and be renewed again and
             again.  Neptune's presence inspires going beyond the
             known, and being open to miracles ~ changes of heart,
             mind and spirit.
             The moon is full on Sunday, May 3rd at 11:42 pm (est)
             This can be a significant period where we get "real" and 
             in doing so, begin to build on truly solid psychic-emotional
             ground. If a bubble bursts, and the picture looks dark, 
             stay with it ~ the word "withstand" comes to mind.  

Wow!  I knew the full moon was going into Scorpio but I didn't fully realize that this is probably the reason I'm feeling like I do until I wrote the above; even more because my rising is in Scorpio. Ok, when I know the reason for something, then I can deal with it. One doesn't have to have anything in Scorpio to feel the effects of this full moon.  Scorpio is a very powerful, mysterious sign and we do feel it.  I hope this helps someone.

This week I have celebrated two birthdays; one with an impromptu visit with my friend Ramona, to our friend Caroline's home. Ramona and I had lunch,window shopped and then went to Caroline's.  We chatted, had drinks, ate again and enjoyed the friendship.  Friday, May 1, (Beltane or May Day) was my cousin Debbie's 60th birthday.  (can't believe it).  She decided to have a birthday fight party on Saturday.  I'm not much into boxing but I wanted to celebrate her birthday.  I am so glad we did.  The food was delicious, Debbie made Sangria's, which after working that day, I did partake. Don't judge me.  At first I wasn't going to watch the fight but I did.  Will someone please tell me why all the hype? I expected, at the very least, for someone to land on a knee or something.  Money is being spent very recklessly in this country!

I'm glad it was a birthday party also though.  Debbie only prepared the seafood salad because she didn't want to do a tremendous amount of cooking for her own party.  I know how that can be.  She appreciated her gifts and the time that everyone took out of their schedules to help her celebrate.  I wish my entire family could have participated, Debbie has had several surgeries over the years and two or three in the last month.  We don't know how long any of us has on this earth.  Make amends while we can do so.  

Most of the members of my high school class will be 65 this year.It doesn't seem that long ago that we were 17 or 18 and looking forward to graduation.  My youngest son will be 30 in two weeks, 30!  My youngest daughter is now engaged and will, I guess, start a family in a few years.  Soon, as Debbie pointed out, she will be having everyone over for holidays.  Things are changing as they should.  Beginnings and endings, endings and beginnings; a cycle that will always be.   Something happened recently that caused me to realize, that what can seem like an unfortunate ending, is a beautiful beginning of something else.  In my case, the beginning is a peace of mind about the situation and it no longer causes me, well ~anything.  I am grateful to life and its lessons.  I am grateful that I am discovering and will discover the light for the container of life that I am in order to share it with the world.

Until next Sunday,
Merry part and merry meet again,
Blessed be,
Gypsi Mama Michelle


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  1. While I embrace, with verve and aplomb, the start of my 6th decade of life, seeing 60 beside my name above is surreal. In my mind, only Nana and HER cohorts are 60, not us. What is going on? When did I reach this period of maturation and where was I er it was occurring?

    Thank you, Celeste, and the family so much for helping to celebrate the advent of this new and exciting time in my life AND you really surprised me - with diamonds no less. I have always hated that (1) I wasn't born one day earlier or (2) April doesn't have 31 days because in either scenario my birthstone would be diamond - a girl's best friend.

    Raven Symone is on the View today and she, like you, thought that at the very least, someone should have landed on a knee (her birthday is December 10th).

    Next stop, NYC and Jason's 30th. Wow, life and time are moving too fast!

    Again - thanks to you all.