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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Journey 2: Greensboro, NC, Week 1

Merry Meet Friends
Michelle here sending lots of love and light!

On Saturday May 10, 2014, I left MedicineWheel/Earthaven and headed to Greensboro, NC.  My friend Octavia invited me to spend Mother's Day with her family since I was in NC.  Octavia's sister Laurie lives here with her son.  We attended a brunch at Embassy Suites.  The group consisted of Octavia, her sister and their parents, Laurie's son, Octavia and Laurie's aunt and her daughter and myself.  The food was delicious.  I thought I might have problems but I didn't. I stayed away from what I thought might be more pesticide infected.  Octavia, her parents and her aunt returned to VA a few hours after brunch.  Her cousin lives in Greensboro.  I remained at Laurie's house.

Two weeks before I left Earthaven, I spoke with Octavia on the phone and asked her to ask Laurie if she knew of any inexpensive places there to rent for two weeks since I was traveling there and couldn't find anywhere in Asheville.  I received a text asking me to call Laurie.  When I did, she said that I could stay with her for the two weeks and I didn't need to pay her anything.  When we speak our intentions, the Universe supports us.  Laurie has treated me as if I am a member of the family.  She has repeatedly said, "Act as if you're home.  Eat or drink anything that you see."  She is very gracious.  We went to the store on yesterday and I purchased some items that I hadn't picked up on Monday. When I told her I would pay for the beer, she said that since I would be traveling, I needed to keep my money.  Later Octavia called Laurie and before she hung up she asked Laurie to tell me not to let Laurie spoil me.  "Too late", I said, "she's already doing it."   Laurie is truly a blessing.  Isn't it wonderful how Spirit brings people into our lives for different reasons and seasons. 

I have been amazed at how supportive my friends and family have been throughout this journey in words and deeds. Before leaving Richmond, I told Millie, a friend of mine, that I was going to get rain boots because it was rainy season at Earthaven.  She took me to the store and bought them for me.  On my last night in Richmond, Octavia gave me a box of stationary, stamps, a journal and a wide straw hat which I should have worn because my face is really tanned!  I never felt it was that hot but the sun is burning brightly whether we feel it or not. (Yes, Tiffany, I heard you!)  Celeste has offered money for the journey.  Rev. Sonya Brown sent a care package with pure essence of Lavender oil, a gratitude journal, lip balm and my beautiful amethyst pendulum. So many have given me words of encouragement even as far away as Australia!  I give gratitude and thanks for you.. Knowing that you are reading and are interested in what I am writing gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I am however, interested in your comments so that I know what you think.

This week has been a contemplative one.  I've been reflecting on my stay at Medicine Wheel and what I've learned.  When my journey is over and I finally settle somewhere, I do wish to live intentionally.  Eating food that I've grown is something that I look forward to doing.  I am more aware of what I put into and on my body.  I am definitely more conscious of GMO's and toxins sprayed on our food.  If you get a chance, look up the Dirty Dozen.  It is a list of foods very high in pesticides.  Apples are at the top of the list.  If you choose not to buy organic, please, please, please, wash your fruits and vegetables extremely well! I can't stress that enough.

Oddly enough, even though I missed certain things about being on the grid (flush toilets being one), I miss many things about Earthaven.  There is an easiness there that isn't always prevalent in the city.  Don't get me wrong, it isn't easy working the land and dealing with the grey water system and all the other day to day activities. Yet, there is something to be said about the lack of sirens, no cell phone reception, and no television or constant emails on the phone.  It is so easy to fall back into old habits.  Not having a TV there, meant more verbal communication with your housemates.  Yes, we did have a TV for DVD's but if the sun didn't shine brightly that day, there wasn't enough power to play them. I miss potluck and Coffee and Trade and getting dressed to go into town because they were highlights and a chance to interact with the community.  So often in the city, we don't do anything but wave at neighbors. But having said all that, I still don't want to be that far off the grid.  I hope to find a balance.

I am glad that Spirit has me in this part of Greensboro.  It's very peaceful and I haven't heard any sirens. This is a good transition for me. I will be in Greensboro another week then I am off to the Herbal Immersion!  I am anxious to learn how to identify plants for food and medicine and to make tinctures.  There will probably be compost toilets, I bet!  LOL.  It's ok, being in nature is great! There are pictures of the compost toilets on FB. I can't post them here for some reason.

Until next Sunday, Merry Part and Merry Meet again
Gypsi Mama Michelle


  1. Crazy how many toxins that are in our foods, even the "healthy" ones. It makes me think about what I was "really" eating during lunch period back in elementary. The lunch that the school provided.

    Glad your on your move, and it's still working out. You are on the "I ain't playin' " mission. Following the light.

    You make this journey relatable. Especially to that person whose on the cusp of a similar step.
    I smell the book coming. ;-)


    1. As always Brandon, thank you. I do hope this will inspire anyone thinking about following Spirit in any capacity.

  2. Well now Michelle, that post got me a little teary eyed..which is not really hard to do. Glad that my family could be of some help in your journey. My sister and I have two wonderful parents who taught us the meaning of sharing and caring for they are the most thoughtful people I know (outside of my sister). For us that is one of our purposes.

    May you continue to be blessed in your journey.

    Sister friends alway,


    1. It is evident that your parents have taught you to share and care for others. I really do feel at home here. Laurie, knowing that I don't eat red meat or pork is always worrying about what I will eat. In the store she was holding up items saying, "Do you eat this?" LOL She's a mother hen alright. I can truly say that you two are living your purpose. Much love my sister!

  3. Yup that is Laurie alright! She is always thinking of others.