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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Richmond, VA Transitions

Merry meet Friends!
Michelle here, bringing lots of love and light!

"A lot of people resist transition and therefore never allow themselves to enjoy who they are.  Embrace the change, no matter what it is; once you do, you can learn about the new world you're in and take advantage of it." ~ Nikki Giovanni

"Times of transition are strenuous, but I love them.  They are an opportunity to purge, rethink priorities, and be intentional about new habits.  We can make our new normal any way we want. ~ Kristin Armstrong

"I suppose whenever you go through periods of transition, or in a way, it's a very definite closing of a chapter of your life - I suppose those times are always going to be both very upsetting and also very exciting by the very nature because things are changing and you don't know what's going to happen." ~ Daniel Radcliffe

"Life is one big transition." ~ Willie Stargell

Blessed Beltane, Northern Hemisphere!  Blessed Samhain Southern Hemisphere!

May Day!  When I was in school we danced around the May Pole.  I daresay the schools didn't know they were practicing an ancient Celtic holiday and one of fertility, no less.  What fun it was though! After elementary school, the next time I danced the Maypole was in Earthhaven in 2014.  I also jumped the Beltane fire with Corinna Woods to signify future partnership and luck.  It was a festive day and one I will never forget.I wrote about it in this blog in May 2014.  
I was undergoing a transition during that time and I am undergoing one now.  Perhaps Beltane is that time of year for me. It is a time of reaping wealth from the seeds which have been sown.  I can see why I get restless at this time; I want to reap. Whatever has been sown is waiting to burst through. Oddly enough August is when things seem to change in my life.  Llamas, a festival celebrating the first fruits of the harvest is in August.  Once again, a reminder that my life is tied to The Wheel of the Year.  

Transitions are always happening in our lives.  Sometimes we are aware and sometimes we are not.  When it's due to something major we are more aware.  It's the subtle things that can throw us off guard. "Sometimes the transition from being in control of your life to having no control is swift, but other times it is so gradual that you wonder exactly when it truly began." said Mickey Rooney.  Sometimes it begins with restlessness or dissatisfaction with the way things are. William Throsby Bridges says it this way: "Disenchantment, whether it is a minor disappointment or a major shock, is the signal that things are moving into transition in our lives."  

I can usually tell when I am transitioning.  If I'm working, the job doesn't hold the same appeal that it once did, as is the case with me now.  I will also feel sad or unhappy. I wrote this in my journal on April 25th:
     Happiness is a temporary feeling.  It comes and goes...up one day, hour, minute and down the next.  I can choose to be happy regardless of the circumstances I may be facing, knowing that 'this too shall pass/'  Yet I am NOT happy.  I know that things will usually work themselves out.  I also know that 'all things work together for good for those that love GOD and are called for GOD's purpose'.  I love GOD and my belief is that we are all called...therefore everything in my life is working together, not just for my good but the highest good of all.  Yet, I am NOT happy.  I'm going through another "dark night of the soul" as coined by St. John of the Cross in his eight stanza poem.
I wish for this job to be over NOW, not June or July, NOW.  I don't desire this type of  work anymore, noble though it may be.  I'm burnt out and worn down.  The energy field from the clients can be overwhelming, especially without a break for 8 hours.  I dread coming to work.  I don't look forward to it as I once did.  I don't have the energy anymore.  My soul and spirit are crying for something else but I'm not sure what that is.
What would make my spirit soar? What would make my soul sing? Experts say we already know the answer.

I can't be there for the clients 100% as long as I feel this way.  I don't treat them any differently but the ones closest to me will ask if something is wrong.  They can see it, I believe. I have decided to be a part of the ministry my friend is forming.  I am also planning to utilize my gifts, before I'm not able to do so, in my own ventures.  I am basically self taught through reading although I hold several certificates from classes, programs and workshops.  I don't have a degree though and it undermines my confidence slightly.  I know what I know and what I am capable of doing but the "world" will sometimes want more credentials than I have.  Spirit is calling me to come forth however so I must not let fear paralyze me.  I must step out on faith, trusting that if Spirit calls me then Spirit qualifies me.

Transition, transition, transition!  Strenuous, as stated in the above quote yet I do love them.  A time to grow and be more of who we are.

Until next Sunday,
Merry part and merry meet again, 
Blessed be,
Gypsi Mama Michelle

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